An Introduction and a Purpose

Hello there. My name is Andrew, and this is my new blog. I recently graduated from college with a BA in Literary Studies, and I got the idea for this blog while thinking of ways to get started in my career as a writer. I think a blog like this is a perfect way to build a readership while organizing my thoughts and perhaps even inspiring people to look at something in a new way.

I’m going to cheat here and use what I just wrote for the About Me page to try to describe the purpose of this blog.

The question as to what, exactly, this blog is about, what its purpose is, is a difficult one to answer. I put a bit of thought into the title, and I think what I decided on, “Some Thoughts,” is the most fitting way to describe what I am doing here. I want to use it to discuss my thoughts on, well, anything and everything. I am a thinker, and I like the idea of having an avenue through which to share my thoughts with other people. In addition, I may post updates about my life, critical essays, book or movie reviews, selections from my own short fiction and poetry, and really anything I feel like writing. The only things I promise not to do are post pointless accounts of my everyday life and blather on about the latest hot political topics. This is not that kind of blog.

You might say this is a place for me to refine my writing, though I think it is more than that. My five and a half years of college education already accomplished that. This is a way for me to be read without having to go through the publishing industry, and it is a place where I can interact directly with readers who wish to comment on what I write. I think this is valuable both to me and those who read what I write. My primary goal here is to be read. If you read and take something from it, I’ve done my job well. If you read and take nothing from it, well I’ve still done what I hoped to do because you read something I wrote.

3 thoughts on “An Introduction and a Purpose

  1. Great idea – if you write short stories in installments, can we bombard you with reactions/opinions to influence characterization and plot like readers did with Dickens? 🙂

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