I thought I saw a Shadow

I thought I saw a Shadow

I used to know

In a sunbaked crowd.

Her roaming eyes

Met my shameless stare, calling

To my past, beckoning

With no motion:

I averted my gaze.


It wasn’t you though, not your

Lusterless hair or chipped-ice eyes.

This one didn’t know me,

But would you?

Would you spare me more

Than an accidental glance?

Would either of our egos admit

The other? Or would two opposing

Currents sweep by each other

To distant seas?


Bittersweet fragrance from my past

(Whatever that makes you to me),

If you died after I left would I know?

Would it matter? These are

Questions I hide from…


Long ago we were kindred beings

In love with nonbeing, lost in

A maze of sunshine and poppies,

And yet sharing nothing

But a mutual taste for

Grandiose Escape.

So many specks of life

Gobbled up like candy by children,

But it was fleeting.


I saw your ghost,

Shadow, projected upon

Another’s body and face;

Her ignorance was yours:

My surprise was absent.

What did we share? Beyond madness?

Two fish in a pond breathe

The same water, savor

The same nourishment;

And yet they swim to opposite

Creeks: the pond to each

Is the past, and neither

Will—can—swim back;

Because to look for a shadow

Is to turn your back to the sun.


Our pasts send forth echoes

That smack the moving wall

That is the future and reverberate

Into our conscious minds; I thought

I saw one: I didn’t.

It was the Shadow, a ghost,

A comrade; our roads only

Intersected briefly before we

Began moving apart.

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