OverSharing (See Explanation)

This one’s a bit late…

Way back at the end of October last year, I sent my story OverSharing to InfectiveINK.com for their “future of privacy” prompt for November publication. I never heard back from them and waited until November had come and passed before I gave it up as another rejection. I thought about querying, but it was pointless since the story was written for a specific prompt. I put the story out of mind…

Then we come to last night. I was Googling myself for fun (oh, come on, you all do it), and in the third page of results I found a link to InfectiveINK. Following the link I found to my utter bewilderment that OverSharing had been published on November 28. I have no clue how it took me over five months to figure this out, but whatever, here it is:

After the first hour of waiting for the doctor Kieva began to wish she had scheduled an appointment. She had fallen asleep in her invitingly comfortable armchair last night (something she was increasingly prone to) and, upon waking up with her tablet in her hands, had immediately gone to the eHealth Webdr site. Apparently 8 a.m. wasn’t early enough anymore to beat the millions of patients who clogged the site around midday.

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So what did I learn? Well, I’m not sure. I don’t think there’s anything I could have done differently besides checking the site regularly or querying too soon and seeming overly eager. I talked with the INK team and it seems the emails they sent me never went through. Sometimes communication breaks down. For this story I really wanted a final revision, and I would have loved to have used InfectiveINK on my publication history for story submissions up to now. But this is the way things worked out. I accept that.

At least I have a pretty good story now for when people ask how my writing is going.


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