Dreams in the Tower: A Serialized Novel


I’m happy to announce that Part 1 of my serialized debut novel Dreams in the Tower will be published on Thursday, August 7 in the Amazon Kindle store. The novel will be published in five installments, which will each be about the length of a novella (20,000 to 40,000 words) and will be released every 2-4 weeks. Each installment will be available exclusively as an ebook in the Amazon Kindle store. Eventually, all five parts will be compiled into a single book.

Just in case some of you aren’t sure you want to take a chance with your money on a debut novel, Part 1 will be absolutely FREE, so you get an extended preview (about 60 pages) before you decide if you want to buy the subsequent parts.

Here’s a little about the book, via the official description:

Part 1 in the five-part serialization of Dreams in the Tower.

Nearly two decades ago the United States Congress unanimously passed the Corporate Freedom Act, unwittingly opening the door for Silte Corporation to begin its economic conquest of the nation and eventually the world. Now, with the corporatocratic takeover looming, demonstrators are clashing with mercenaries in the streets; and a hactivist-turned-software designer, a private police detective, a rogue research scientist, and a Silte Corp Senior Manager must decide if a Silte world is one they truly want to live in.

The debut novel of emerging speculative fiction writer Andrew Vrana, Dreams in the Tower is a fast-paced science fiction tale set in the not-too-distant future. While the story draws inspiration from the cyberpunk and hard SF traditions, its style is more literary at the core, with characters and emotions often overshadowing the futuristic technology and setting. With such diverse influences, Dreams in the Tower is a story that is sure to connect with readers both in and out of the genre.

Whereas most cyberpunk and dystopian science fiction stories start out in a bleak world already under total corporate control, Dreams in the Tower focuses on how the world gets to that point and what people do to try and prevent it. It offers both exciting action and insightful political and economic commentary as it follows a group of people from very different backgrounds whose paths begin to intersect.

Whether you enjoy future worlds that reflect current issues, or vivid characters who are both interesting and relatable, I think this novel has something you will find satisfying.

In the coming weeks I will post in-depth looks at some of the characters and organizations in the novel, as well as some behind-the-scenes writing stuff. In the meantime, look for Dreams in the Tower Part 1 on Amazon.com this Thursday, 8/7.

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