Book Reviews Needed

rating-153609_1280Friends and fellow bloggers, Part 1 of my debut novel Dreams in the Tower is up in the Amazon Kindle store right now, and I need some reviews to start coming in. It did fairly well while I was giving it away,  but now that the limited time free offering is over, people may be more reluctant to pay for something by an unknown author when it has limited reviews or no reviews yet.

If you have read the book, or if you would like to check it out, I would very much appreciate an honest review on Amazon. I will offer you a free PDF review copy if you do not already own the ebook. If you have your own ebook of similar length (around 50 pages) I may be willing to reciprocate.

All reviewers are welcome. Please note however that this is science fiction, somewhat along the lines of cyberpunk or dystopian fiction with a strong literary SF influence, so not all readers will be into it. I’ll post the store link below, but remember that I will give you a free copy if you are willing to review.

Dreams in the Tower Part 1

Leave a comment if you’re interested and I will get in touch.

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