Dreams in the Tower Is FREE Right Now!

Dreams in the Tower Cover (2015)

For a limited time, I’m offering my debut novel Dreams in the Tower for FREE on Amazon. The eBook normally sells for $2.99, so this is a great deal. Get it quick before the promotion ends!

From the Amazon description:

Twenty years ago the US government passed the Corporate Freedom Act, paving the way for the multinational conglomerate Silte Corp and its reclusive CEO to begin monopolizing the global economy. Now, as Silte Corp’s plan for total control reaches its final stages, those who oppose the corporation and its actions are doing everything they can to stop it. But against a force as ruthless and ubiquitous as Silte Corp, the scattered group of hackers and disillusioned people who make up the Anti-Corp movement are facing a battle they can’t win.

With an army of private police mercenaries and a terrifying bioweapon at their disposal, Silte Corp will do anything to get what it wants–even if that means fighting a war in the streets and driving the world into a state of panic and chaos. As Silte’s victory looms, a scientist, a police detective and a hacker-turned-software developer–all former employees in the Silte corporate family–become pawns in the Anti-Corp hackers’ last desperate attempt to stop Silte Corp’s swift and bloody rise to power.

Praise for Dreams in the Tower Part 1 (standalone novella):

I really liked this book. it was an interesting perspective.” -Goodreads review

“A strong start to an original tale about an impending crisis of global proportions. Looking forward to part two, further exploration of the characters, and the way this startling narrative plays out.” -Amazon review

“Very well written. Looking forward to Part 2.” -Amazon review


Pick up your free copy now!


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