Published Writing


Dreams in the Tower (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing; 8/6/2015)


Fading is the Other Side of Falling (Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry; 2/19/2016)

Welcome, Distant Traveler (Perihelion Science Fiction; 2/12/2016)

Appeared in Perihelion Science Fiction February 2016 issue

Many and One: A Unisphere Story (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing; 6/19/2014)

Self-published ebook which begins the Unisphere series of short stories.

Before the Last Hope Leaves (Bewildering Stories; 4/7/2014)

Appeared in Bewildering Stories #567.

OverSharing (InfectiveINK; 11/28/2013)

Submitted for the “future of privacy” prompt.

Weight of an Echo (The Story Shack; 11/27/2013)

Includes an illustration by Delilah Buckle.

A Refreshed Perception (Linguistic Erosion; 10/17/2013)

My very first published story.

The Greatest Limit (4/22/2013)

A flash fiction piece about virtual beings in the distant (or not-so-distant) future and the great questions they ask. Are they so different from us?

The Bridge from the Cave (4/12/2013)

My first flash fiction story. Maybe in the future. Maybe on Earth. Who really knows? If it gives you a feeling of unease or strangeness, don’t be concerned; that’s sort of the point.

Excerpt: The Immortal’s Lament (12/24/2012)

Written in the early days of my creative writing journey, this excerpt represents the time when I was still trying to find my style and voice.


I thought I saw a Shadow (12/5/2013)

Life’s Other Kingdom (1/7/2013)

Invocation (12/23/2012)

I think of you who shall not hear my call (12/14/2012)

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